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Who we are

Kreative Freeline is an agency that deals in Graphic and Web design, Photography and videography, Branding, and Marketing, Printing, Event planning, and management. Our Skills in what we do, Customer support, and Market experience have translated to growth and high customer ratings.

Over the years, we have continually built our business on trust and strong relationships to create the best and the most personalized end product or services to customers’ satisfaction. Here, ‘YOU’ comes first!

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About Kreative freeline


Amazing Features

Web Development & Graphic Design

Entrust your Idea with us, we birth it forth, branded in color and uniqueness. Our variety of designs are professional…

Photography & Video Production

We have wide coverage of events like; weddings & engagement parties, Graduations, birthdays,

Branding & Marketing

Considering the exceedingly high competition in the great market, you'd seldom get a second chance to make the

Event Planning & Management

Are you looking forward to a perfect event? We have the best plans to favor your budget. Not only that,…


Talent ratings by our clients

Web Design
Web Design
Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Photography & Video Production
Photography & Video Production
Branding & Marketing
Branding & Marketing
Event planning & management
Event planning & management
Customer Support
Customer Support

Curious about our pricing?

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More Services

We offer more than just soft services.

Digital Printing

We provide high quality digital print both in less and bulk. Reach out to us on the contacts shared below for more information.

Offset Printing

Choose quality and details on printouts. Choose Kreative freeline for your work. To get this service, contact us through the Order button in the menu or the tel shared below…

Screen Printing

We have long lasting on-prints on variety of materials; from T-shirts, hoodies, caps, capes e.t.c Get this service or info through the order button in the menu or contact us…

The KFL Print

Includes; Business Cards, wedding cards, flyers, banners, clothes, bags, capes, stickers, mugs and plates in bulk or less and also do binding.



Client advisories and market, brands, designs and idea updates

The Great Canyon Between Busy and Elegance

Did you know that art is not just an inbuilt talent? it can also be learned and the best part is, you only need to know the do’s and don ts, the simplicity bit of it and the complex bit of it. But just to mention, imagine being inside a…

Dangers involved in using graphic Design Apps

I know you’ve probably heard of the saying; ‘There is a cost to no cost’. Well, the sayers turned out to be right after all. Being a start-up company or an established one for that matter, you know that the face of the company is one of the fundamentals that…

Are You Using the Right Marketing Strategy?

Have you ever wondered why you are not catching enough fish in the ocean or not even able to catch just one of it? Speaking in Sales and marketing terms. This reminds us of the story of JESUS and the disciples; when the disciples were fishing the whole night and…

Contact Us

Contact Us

We are readily availlable to answer any question you might have

The Kreative freeline support is available 24 hours. For queries, get in touch with us from the form herein or call us through the mobile shared below or the email that follows. Our day job is fulfilled through customer delight. Thank you for your trust!



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